A.Tile Cutting Guide-Mounting




Tile Cutter Specification​
Specification of product
163mm X 160mm X 114mm
Material Body
Aluminum 6061 / Parts: Iron Galvanized and Stainless Bolt
Threading bolt size
Spring load
Adjustable up to 1kg ~ 15kg (self test)
Body Weight
Easy to cut long tiles because other rails can be extended.
Composition of product: Tile cutter body

Composition of product: Tile cutter body
Features of the groove bearing: It is a groove bearing type mounted on the guide rail.
Precision and safety without breaking into the fitting
It offers excellent slider mobility and soft feeling.

* Warnings: Keep the rails clean before use.

+ 10 to 20/100 tolerance
Accurate and precise machining is realized by using high-quality slides with patented technology without shaking.

There is a screw that adjusts the important force when cutting the tile, so you can cut it more precisely and more precisely during professional cutting.

How to use the tile cutter

Adjust the silver screws to adjust the height at which the blade cuts. Hold the blue handle by one hand with both hands and push it to cut the tiles.

Tile Cutter Accessories

Right Angle Guide This option is required when cutting the material to be cut at 90 degrees.

Right Angle Guide

It is an option to fix the rail and the material to be cut to cut.


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