In many industrial field,
M-Bolt’s products are being used.

M-Bolt is making a cutting machine that manufacture large acrylic,
In 2017, M-Bolt makes grinder guide for everyone.

We, M-bolt, have been dedicating ourselves for several years on research of the products to the goal of creating high quality products that meet customers’ needs.

Our Acrylic Panel Cutting Machine, which has been developed since 2008, was continued to reflect customers’ needs. We have developed our own motor which can be compatible to various electrical method in all over the world. Through this, we could grow our products’ capability to fit in global standard and could expand our business ability in the global market. 

In addition to the previous Acrylic Panel Cutting Machine since 2008, we also recently developed large size acrylic panel cutting machine for the huge size work to meet various customers’ requests and needs. Therefore, we finally could success in expanding large-size cutting machine business capability at a certain level in the global market. 

Not only that, edge trimmer, panel bending machine with our own technology have succeeded in its commercialization and finally could reached to its mass production. 

All our products are certified by international standards and follow international specifications. And we hold patents for each core technology of the products. As we have consistently been managing all process of product manufacturing from design, development, production, test, inspection, to after-service steps, we could step forward beyond the domestic market to become a global leading company in SIGN industry field. 

Through this, M-bolt contributes to Machinery industry. Also we do our best efforts to make eco-friendly environment and pleasant work place by equipping dust collector in all our products.We are proud that the diversified and globalized business system of M-bolt will definitely distinguish itself in today’s limitless competitive era regardless of its time and location. 

However, we will never be satisfied with this, and will always return to the spirit of pioneer to introduce constantly newest technologies and realize high quality products. Through consistently devoting the highest level of efforts, we will pay back to your support with the best products.


2021.04 Mbolt 2nd factory establish

2021.05 Smart guide rail system development and mass production
2020.01 Development and mass production of film cutting machine using rail system

2020.07 Acquired a patent for logistics system using multi-faceted rails

2020.11 Participated in Cosign exhibition (COEX)
2019.01 Determination of successful R&D for product technology value improvement
‘Guide rail for logistics & moving cart’

2019.09 Participated in Dubai G-Fair 2019

2019.11 Participated in Cosign exhibition (COEX)

2018. 01 Participated in the 4th SGI Dubai 2018 autograph exhibition (UAE, Dubai World Trade Center)

2018. 11 Participated in Cosign exhibition (COEX)
2017. 01. Third Participation in SGI Dubai 2016 Sign Exhibition (SIGN & GRAPHIC IMAGING MIDDLE EAST 2016) (UAE, Dubai World Trade Center).

2017. 05. Participation in FESPA Hamburg exhibition (Germany, Hamburg).

2017. 05. Conversion to a corporation and changed the corporation name Corp. ‘M-Bolt’.

2017. 09. Participation in Europe’s largest scale tool exhibition EMO Hanover. (Germany, Hanover, 4-year cycle.)
2016. 01. Participation in SGI Dubai 2016 Sign Exhibition (SIGN & GRAPHIC IMAGING MIDDLE EAST 2016) (UAE, Dubai World Trade Center).

2016. 03. Participation in FESPA Amsterdam (Netherlands, Amsterdam).

2016. 04. Acquisition of Communate Europeeene(CE) for Acrylic Panel Edge Trimmer M7, Acrylic Panel Bending Machine M12.

2016. 10. Development and Commercialization of Grinder Guide. Participation in 2016 Kintex tool exhibition and open first showcase of grinder guide with brand name ‘BOLT’

2016. 11. Participation in Cosign Exhibition (Coex).
2015. 01. Participation in SGI Dubai 2015 - Dubai World Trade Center, UAE
2015. 01. Made first contract of MR-A3100SR in the Middle East (UAE and KSA)

2015. 04. Participation in Seoul Digital Printing Sign EXPO 2015 – KINTEX

2015. 07. New version of Small size Acrylic Panel Cutting Machine is released.
Production Code Name is renewed (M3, M2, M1)

2015. 11. Acquisition of Communate Europeeene(CE) for Acrylic Panel Cutting Machine M3(M1, M2).
2014. 01. Acquisition of patent for skylight window (skylight window that is easy for light control and installation).

2014. 03. Development and release of acrylic panel cutting machine MR-A3100S

2014. 04. Participation in ISA exhibition in Orlando, Florida, USA

2014. 07. Light Guide Panel Processor MR-CA25 is began to export (Chicago, USA) 2014. 07. Acquisition of KC certificate for small size Acrylic Panel Cutting Machine (MR-A3100SR)

2014. 09. Start to develop and sell large size Acrylic Panel Cutting Machine

2014. 11. Participation in KOSIGN 2014 - COEX
2013. 03. Participation in Household Items Exhibition-KINTEX

2013. 04. Development of large size CNC automated machine, release of prototype and start to its mass production

2013. 05. Participation in MBC Architecture Exhibition – KINTEX

2013. 06. Development and release of acrylic panel cutting machine MR-2400S

2013. 07. Participation in Shanghai Sign Exhibition, China

2013. 11. Korea International Sign Design Exhibition (KOSIGN 2013)
2012. 03. Participation in Tokyo Sign & Display Exhibition, Japan.

2012. 04. Development and release of acrylic panel cutting machine MR-2300S

2012. 05. Participation in MBC Architecture Exhibition - KINTEX

2012. 11. Participation in KOSIGN 2012 - COEX

2012. 12. Start to exporting light panel subsidiary materials to Japan
2011. 02. Development of CNC automated machine, release of prototype and mass production

2011. 05. Producing and Assembling Techlam marble panel frame
2011. 05. Participation in MBC Architecture Exhibition

2011. 06. Acquisition of patent for acrylic panel cutting machine
2011. 06. Development of automated machine operation program

2011. 11. Participation in KOSIGN 2011, COEX

2011. 12. The factory has moved to the large factory which present Mechazone
2010. 01. Opening of the Mirae LNS website,

2010. 01. Mirae LNS, certified by ISO-9001:2008

2010. 03. Acrylic panel cutting machine MR-2100S and Acrylic panel edge trimmer MR-100R is started to export to Japan

2010. 03. Mirae LNS, selected as Venture Company certified by Technology Guaranteed Fund

2010. 03. Cutting machine and Edge trimmer is exported to Japan

2010. 06. Mass production of LED traffic sign is started

2010. 08. Start to produce and sell acrylic panel cutting machine MR-2200S

2010. 09. Participation in Tokyo Sign & Display Show, Japan

2010. 12. Development of automated machine program
2009. 01. Start of selling type 2009, acrylic panel cutting machine MR-1100S

2009. 04. Start of selling acrylic panel edge trimmer MR-100R

2009. 04. Applied for patent Acrylic Panel Cutting Machine MR-1100S and Edge Trimmer MR-100R

2009. 10. Development of acrylic panel cutting machine MR-2100S
2008. 04. Multi-purpose acrylic panel cutting machine is started to be commercialized

2008. 07. Production of Cheong-Ju traffic signs with panels using LED direct type

2008. 07. Company Name has been changed to Mirae LNS. Trading/Exporting department was established.

2008. 10. Start of selling multi-purpose acrylic panel cutting machine MR-1000S (applied for patent)

2008. 11. Start of selling large size light panel and acrylic panel cutting machine through agents
2007. 07. Mirae Slim Light is founded

2007. 09. Manufacturing custom-built large size light panel

2007. 09. Multi-purpose acrylic panel cutting machine is started to be developed for own panel production purpose


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