Acrylic panel cutting machine

Designed to allow you to design larger sizes while minimizing space.
This specialized product is specialized in reducing dust and odor.

Production and sales started in Oct. 2008, this multi-purpose Acrylic Panel Cutting Machine was solely developed by M-BOLT. At first, it was produced only for acrylic panel cutting, but because it was able to cut several other plate materials, we named it ‘multi-purpose’. It is possible to use this machine for various cuttings depending on the purpose of users. This machine is a down-sized, weight reduced, and very effective machine, with a completely new concept from the previous cutting machines.

Unlike other conventional acrylic cutting machine which is huge size and use three phase 380V in electricity, this M series products are small in size which use 220V and equipped with small wheels that easy to move.

It is acquired a technical patent (Patent No.10-1045190. Movable dust-removing & safe plate-cutting device) by continuously reflecting the requests of users as much as possible.

Acrylic panel cutting machine


No secondary (assist) table
It is suitable for small size panel cutting and for narrow working space
For cutting large size panel, skilled hand is recommended or using assist table is recommended
Size (L x W x H) : 1150mm x 1000mm x 900mm
Weight : 79Kg

Acrylic panel cutting machine


Secondary (assist) table at the front side
It is suitable for middle size panel cutting
Size (L x W x H) : 1150mm x 1515mm(secondary table) x 900mm
Weight : Approx. 88kg

Acrylic panel cutting machine


Secondary (assist) table at the front side and side
It is suitable for all size panel cutting
For cutting 1200mm x 2400mm size panel, skilled hand is recommended
Size (L x W x H) : 1720mm(Secondary Table) x 1515mm(Secondary Table) x 900mm
Weight : Approx. 100Kg

** To aim at exporting to overseas and so to prepare for various electrical method of each country in the world, we developed our own motor with own technology to cutting machine in Nov. 2014 and applied it to acrylic panel cutting machine, and started mass production in Feb. 2014. MR-A3100S is operated regardless of electricity type (voltage, frequency) and makes comfortable work environment due to substantially reduced noise. And, it gives improved roughness of cutting plane because the saw blade vibration is nearly zero.


Breaker for Circuit protection is applied Emergency Switch is applied


Dust Collector and box

It uses 1240w dust collecting motor that performing powerful collecting power It uses transparent cover at front that easily can see inside the collecting box. Box is detachable that easy to clean inside


Voltage 220V 
Frequency 50 ~ 60Hz 
Power Consumption Approx. 1950W 
Circular Saw Blade Outer diameter Ø190mm x Inner diameter Ø20mm 
Maximum cutting capacity 30mm thickness 
RPM 2850 ~ 3435

The usage time of the product is limited to 30 minutes, and if you want to use it for a long time,
We manufacture products according to specifications.

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