Acrylic Panel Bending Machine - M12

II. Acrylic Panel Bending Machine - M12

-This machine can be conveniently used to process acrylic panel as in folding into desired shape.
-Previous conventional acrylic panel bending machine is used to equipping straight line shaped heat wire which transfers relatively weak heat and takes long time for bending work. Besides, the heat wire can be easily disconnected.
-However, MBOLT Co.’ bending machine uses coil shaped heat wire which transfers sufficiently strong heat. Besides, the lifespan of the heat wire is relatively very long.
-The basic size of working capability is up to 1200mm but it can be produced up to 2400mm by order.
-Maximum working range 1160mm when using a bending jig

– Exterior Size : 1250mm x 200mm x 70mm
– Work Range : within 1200mm
– Voltage : 220V
– Maximum Power Consumption : 1000W

The bending jig is an option.

·It is equipped with an aluminum bending jig, so even if you bend a long material, the bent surface can bend neatly without crying.
·The bent jig is removable.